What online games can I play with friends?

What Game Should I Play

Single player games are fun but most of the games I enjoy are played with friends. We can mess around and laugh together while we spend time doing what we love.

    1. Left 4 Dead 2

      This game is so much fun to run around and combat the hoards of zombies with friends. Plus there are loads of mods out there now to make the experience even crazier! Have you ever wanted to play a zombie shooter where your character was Master Chief and all the zombies were Shrek or Teletubbies? Yeah, this game has that. And that’s only the beginning…

    2. Portal 2

      Trying to solve all the physics-based puzzles of the Portal world is so much more enjoyable when you have someone else to figure them out (or not) with you. Plus the writing of this game alone makes it worthy of your time. The snappy and sarcastic one-liners of the sentient AI GLaDOS is hilarious from start to finish.

    3. Borderlands 2

      This game places you and your friends in the role of space/future-esque cowboys (or girls) and is an FPS that is loads of fun as a group. The art style is outlandish and arcadey which just adds to the experience. This game doesn’t take itself too seriously which is a refreshing change of pace in today’s world of serious shooters.

    4. Payday 2

      If you have ever wanted to rob a bank with your friends but wanted to avoid any jail time then this game is for you. Payday 2 doesn’t cut any corners as it allows you to elaborately plan out and execute your perfect criminal heist. I would definitely recommend playing this game with people you already know because playing the multiplayer solo is a nightmare. Most strangers you meet have no intention of taking the heist seriously which can be quite frustrating if you do.

    5. Move or Die

      This is a highly-addictive arcade style where your health decreases if you stand still. Therefore, you must continuously move while blocks fall from the sky trying to smash you. This game will lead to some hilarious and tense moments with your friends. There’s a reason this game calls itself “the friendship ruining game”.

    6. Gang Beasts

      This game will test your friendships in the same way that Move or Die will. I was honestly very surprised how much fun I had with such a simple game concept. You play as these blob-like characters that are on top of a number of generic sets. Your only objective is to knock the other characters off of the set. The mechanics of the game are a bit clunky and it’s amazing. My friends and I could hardly play the game at times because we were laughing so much.

This is just a short list of the games I enjoy playing with my friends! Leave a comment down below about any of the games I’ve listed here or your own favorite 🙂

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