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I said “our” site for a very important reason – I want this to be your website just as much as it is mine. I want to create a space where we as a community can discuss and share games that truly deserve recognition. Too often I see major developers throw endless amounts of cash in advertising at consumers while the smaller companies go largely unnoticed because of it.

Indie and start-up developers have produced some of the most memorable games I have ever experienced. Games like Don’t Starve, The Binding of Isaac, Castle Crashers, Limbo and Fez all come to mind when I think of how unique and talented many of these studios are without AAA budgets. Koji Kondo, game composer for Mario and Zelda, offered some very good advice to aspiring game developers back in 2014.

“The important thing is just to use whatever is at your disposal to create new ideas and come up with stuff that’s fresh and new. That’s just the important thing. Rather than trying to recreate something, or go over the same old ground, create new things.”

While he was speaking mainly to game composers, this advice is still relevant to many low-budget developers. Games should be about the experience they provide for the user. The most memorable games usually leave a lasting impression in your mind throughout your entire life. I can remember how games gave me a real sense of accomplishment when I was younger that real life couldn’t always provide.

TL;DR I’m doing this for the little guy. The studio that works their backside off to create a game they hope will compete with the industry giants.

Please, please, please reach out to me if you have any feedback or recommendations. Anything I can do to grow the site into a voice that can truly create positive change I will make happen. Send me an email at Andrew@whatdoiplaynow.com or leave me a comment down below!

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