Gamers are…

I had some trouble coming up with a title for this post so I went to google and typed in “Gamers are” and waited to see what would be suggested for me. What I saw left me a little confused.

“Awesome” was the first suggestion. So far so good. Then there was “annoying”. Fair enough I guess? Then came “worst”. Ok, I can think of many things “worse” than gamers. What about stepping in water with socks on? That’s pretty bad I’d say.

Then the next one up was “misogynist”. Of course it’s wrong to assume that all gamers are men that will attack you at the drop of a hat once they find out you are a woman. Unfortunately, I’ve seen this happen on multiple occasions. So much so that women are often times reluctant to speak at all in these lobbies. I know many girls that are better than me at several games. Gaming isn’t a gender-specific activity so we need to quit treating it like it (1)

We all love the same stuff so why can’t we just all enjoy it together? I recently attended Dreamhack Austin and was able to see firsthand how excited and passionate gamers can be. How inclusive and friendly they were. The stereotype of misogyny is there for a reason. it is up to us as gamers to show others that being a gamer is so much more than just sitting in front of a monitor in a dark room.


So the next time you see (hear) someone online being toxic (whatever the reason) do me a favor and call them out on it. It takes courage but others will follow your example.


  1. Killer site, Andrew. As a gamer, I couldn’t be more supportive of your site.

    This is a great rebuttal of the misogynist stereotype. I hate it when SJWs campaign against games in general, but the sheer level of misogyny and general toxicity in the community is hard to defend.

    I, for one, will heed your call to action and be sure to call people out. Great article!

    • Thanks for the feedback Makki! Unfortunately, most of the campaigns against games are led by people that don’t really know what they’re talking about and are just looking for a scapegoat.
      I can tell you are someone that is an example of what gamers should be 🙂 Keep it up!

  2. Great Article!
    My main reason coming to this article was the title I like gaming and wanted to see what its all about. That’s why I haven’t played World of Warcraft for the longest time because of all the disrespectful people on there.Since the company wants to cater to every age imaginable.
    Sorry for the rant.
    Yours Truly,

  3. Hey Andrew, you are 100% right: Wet Socks are the worst!

    But all joking aside, it’s true that sometimes people say some mean things to you when you’re playing against them online, but all the gamers that I’ve met in person have been really nice people that just want to have fun.

    And yeah, not all gamers are misogynists. A lot of gamers are actually girls themselves. I’ve got a little sister that I got into gaming and she’s awesome.

    I’m right there with you man, we’re gonna give gamers a good name!

  4. Hi Andrew, love the post man, way to rep for the gamers. We should be showing the general public that we are just a bunch of people looking to have fun, gaming is not gender specific in any way, shape, or form. Like you say, though, some people are toxic, there should be more people out there calling people out on being toxic, and I hope that you inspire people to do just that.

  5. In my experience, many gamers tend to look at video games as a way to escape their reality.

    It only hurts them in the long run, the games that they play aren’t real and they only end up being alone in the end.

    I was actually this type of gamer, and I really had no one to turn to.

    Gamers are all different people, yet some patterns of behavior can be attributed to us specifically, more so than to the average person.

    Loved the read.
    Cheers, Vlad.

  6. This is a really interesting topic to explore. There does often seem to be a stigma on gamers for all sorts of things. As a gamer myself, I totally agree that we should let people know that these crazy people that we sometimes find while playing online games are definitely not most gamers. Most of us are just like anybody else.

  7. There’s a lot of hate to some gaming fan bases which i think is ridiculous. Most Gamers are like you said, friendly and passionate. A good topic to talk about which is a problem in this day and age. Great website, I’ll have a look at more of your posts.

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