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What AAA Games are Worth Playing?

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Titanfall 2:Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2 was honestly an amazing experience for me. I played through the entire 5-hour campaign in one sitting because I was completely hooked on the story from start to finish.

Many people will complain about a 5-hour campaign being too short but I would much rather have a shorter campaign done right than one that is twice as long and half as good.

The ability of Respawn Entertainment to make me care about Cooper and BT’s relationship to the level that I did was truly impressive. Especially since this is Respawn’s FIRST attempt at a single-player campaign.

Why they didn’t include one in the first Titanfall is something I’ll never understand.

All that being said, this game is $60 on Origin and around $30 on G2A (Titanfall 2). If you don’t think this game is worth $60 or even $30, I can guarantee you it is worth your time.


Resident Evil 7: biohazardResident Evil 7: biohazard

I haven’t played as much of the Resident Evil series in the past as I would’ve liked to, but this game will make sure I don’t miss another one.

The eerie atmosphere of the Louisiana swamps makes for an amazing and unique horror experience. Almost everything in the house where you spend most of the campaign is falling apart and full of mystery.

The story keeps you interested and on the edge of your seat the whole time. The enemies are creepy and almost have a certain Dead Space feel to them.

Resident Evil 7: biohazard feels different than previous Resident Evil titles, in a good way. I believe the developers were trying for something a bit different in this installment, and it definitely works.

I won’t spoil any plot points for you here but I definitely recommend checking this one out.