About Andrew

Hey guys, my name is Andrew and I really enjoy video games.

I love how they can bring out a number of different emotions through the experience alone. Unfortunately, I often find myself bored with my library of games so I go off in search of new ones that peak my interest.

I created this site to help people like you find new and exciting games that you might not have tried or even heard of before! These days, there are so many indie developers that make quality games but are shutout by the big-time AAA developers and their enormous advertising budgets.

Through this site, I will be reviewing and recommending games of many different genres. I would love for anyone to get involved by commenting and discussing any game they believe had a genuine impact on them to allow others to have the same experience!

Anyways, thank you for visiting my website and make sure you return regularly as I am always updating it with new recommendations and information that I know you will find interesting.

Feel free to leave me a comment below, I would be more than happy to connect! 🙂

Stay nerdy,